Music Licenses

Playing music in a business is a little different from listening to music at home. Since you're playing for an audience with a business and commercial purpose, you will need three different licenses to legally play music in your physical venue.

Recording License

This covers the right to use a specific recording of a song and compensates the recording artist.

Publishing License

This covers the right to use the original composition and compensates the songwriters and composers.

Public Performance License

This allows you to play the song in a public environment.

Our Soundtrack Your Brand service includes the necessary licenses for playing music in your business. However, for public performances, you'll need to obtain additional licenses specific to your country through local music rights organizations.

Need more information on music licensing for your location? Feel free to contact us.

Our Beet Breeze plan simplifies things further by covering all required music licenses. This means you won't need to secure any extra licenses on your own. Additionally, our service is not connected to any music rights groups or collective management organizations, so you won't have to pay any additional fees to these entities for using our music.

Unsupported Services

Services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and Deezer are not suitable for use in business. These platforms are for personal, private use only – it is not legal to use them when playing music to an audience and you could risk being faced with a fine.

“You can’t broadcast or play Spotify publicly from a business, such as bars, restaurants, schools, stores, salons, dance studios, radio stations, etc. 

Spotify Support Page

Our Solutions

Soundtrack Your Brand

• 100 Million Tracks
• Thousands of playlists
• Licenses for business use
• Drag-and-drop scheduling
• Text to speech messaging
• Explicit lyrics filter
• Offline Playback Capability
• Legal Spotify synchronization
• Centralized management
• Open APIs
• Bespoke design service
• 24/7 Technical support

• Supported platforms:
    iOS, Android, Windows

Beat Breeze

• 30,000 Tracks
• 50 Playlists
• Licenses for business use
• Public Performance License
• Centralized Multi-Zone Setup
• Hardware Diagnostics Service
• Advanced Scheduling Function
• Integrated Messaging System
• Offline Playback Capability
• Bespoke design service
• 24/7 Technical support
• License-Free Cost Efficiency

• Supported platforms:
    Android, Windows

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