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Soundtrack Your Brand

• 100 Million Tracks
• Thousands of playlists
• Licenses for business use
• Drag-and-drop scheduling
• Text to speech messaging
• Explicit lyrics filter
• Offline Playback Capability
• Legal Spotify synchronization
• Centralized management
• Open APIs
• Bespoke design service
• 24/7 Technical support

• Supported platforms:
    iOS, Android, Windows

Beat Breeze

• 30,000 Tracks
• 50 Playlists
• Licenses for business use
• Public Performance License
• Centralized Multi-Zone Setup
• Hardware Diagnostics Service
• Advanced Scheduling Function
• Integrated Messaging System
• Offline Playback Capability
• Bespoke design service
• 24/7 Technical support
• License-Free Cost Efficiency

• Supported platforms:
    Android, Windows

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Founded in 2002, BMAsia is a leading global B2B provider of customized background music solutions, serving clients worldwide. Annually, we create over 50,000 hours of music tailored to venue concepts, brand images and customer demographics. Our process, deeply rooted in understanding the unique essence of each venue, crafts music that enhances brand value, influences guest behavior and drives sales. By transforming background music into a storytelling tool that evokes emotion and engagement, we ensure our music adds a significant layer to the customer experience, making every moment memorable. Our commitment to dialogue and cultural insight ensures each soundtrack perfectly aligns with your venue’s atmosphere and strategic goals.

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