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Collaborate with our music designers who will understand your brand’s essence and tailor music samples until they align perfectly with your brand's voice.

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Our team will assist with the installation and provide comprehensive online training, ensuring you’re confident in using the system and its features.

Our Solutions

Soundtrack Your Brand

• 100 Million Tracks
• Thousands of playlists
• Licenses for business use
• Drag-and-drop scheduling
• Text to speech messaging
• Explicit lyrics filter
• Offline Playback Capability
• Legal Spotify synchronization
• Centralized management
• Open APIs
• Bespoke design service
• 24/7 Technical support

• Supported platforms:
    iOS, Android, Windows

Beat Breeze

• 30,000 Tracks
• 50 Playlists
• Licenses for business use
• Public Performance License
• Centralized Multi-Zone Setup
• Hardware Diagnostics Service
• Advanced Scheduling Function
• Integrated Messaging System
• Offline Playback Capability
• Bespoke design service
• 24/7 Technical support
• License-Free Cost Efficiency

• Supported platforms:
    Android, Windows

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