We provide a solution to music management that is automated, seamless and low-maintenance designed specifically for commercial use. Our music designers work closely with you to create music playlists that chill the atmosphere for your reception and changing areas and mix various spa styles in line with your different treatment options to create a totally sensual experience. We also have a vast library of “License Inclusive Music” which can help you save on costs as it includes the public performance license usually paid locally.

Annual Subscription Details:

  • 12-month music programming service
  • Music design and branding consultation
  • 1 background music channel/playlist
  • 2 festival/seasonal music selections
  • Self-selection from our music library
  • Music refresh quarterly
  • Online/onsite installation
  • Initial 30-day listening & playlist adjustment
  • Online technical support
  • 1 annual music redesign

Our Background Music Player:

We use a fully licensed software that runs multiple players on a single standard PC, providing music by simply connecting a sound-card linking the computer to an audio system. The system activates the playlists to match your service operations and at preset times changes the playlist styles and tempos delicately molding the moods throughout the day, into the evening and through the night.

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