Installation Requirements:
  1. Signed Contract:
    Confirming number of outlets and their names. Contract must be signed and received by BMAsia.

  2. Completed Technical Requirement Check:
    Technical scope checklist must be completed and returned to verify that the equipment is compatible with our software and meets the hardware requirements to play the music to the outlets.

  3. Music Specification Confirmation:
    Clients must approve playlists to confirm that the content and scheduling of each channel meets their requirements. This is to ensure that most of the work is done prior to installation with perhaps only fine tuning post installation.

Onsite Installation:

Not all music installations are straight forward. Having an installer onsite means having first-hand experience of the hotel and the audio setup. In addition, any issues arising can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently. The more information the installer is able to gain from being onsite the more efficient post install support will be too.

Online Installation:

Online installations have their benefits too.  However, this kind of install is more suitable for simple straight forward systems with a small number of venues or outlets.