What countries do you work in?

Music is provided throughout Southeast Asia, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Indian Ocean regions.

Do you provide music to consumers?

No, BMAsia is only a B2B provider of music services.

Do you provide DJ’s?

No, we don’t provide commercial DJ services.

Do you provide audio system design and procurement services?

No, you would be responsible for procuring the design, install and testing of your audio system.  Where requested, BMAsia can work with Audio system providers in early stages of a project to potentially recommend solutions to insure requirements to provide our services are fully realized.

How much is BMAsia’s service?

We charge per channel/zone per year. Our music channel costs less than a cup of coffee per day. Normally, player software and music can be installed remotely, downloaded and activated online. For venues that require an onsite installation, travel expenses such as air tickets, accommodation and  visa fees will be covered by the client.


Can I get a demo?

You can listen to samples on the website to get an initial flavour of the playlists available for various venues.  We can also provide access to an expanded list of samples with specific inquiries.  We don’t offer any free trials of our services.  Delivery of our services requires a joint authorization of contract/PO with acceptance of payment terms.

What is a channel?

A channel is a playlist of songs or a number of playlists for different times of day made available on your PC or programmable memory device connected to an audio system to play the songs in one outlet such as spa, lobby, restaurant etc.over a time period up to 24 hours.

How to change or remove the music?

To change the music requires contacting our support team via email at support@bmasiamusic.com

What licenses do you provide?

BMAsia holds the necessary mechanical licenses to provide you with major label music associated with our SOUNDTRACK platform. There is a legal requirement for clients to be in possession of a valid public performance license and any other local licensing requirements.
However, music content on our BMS/LIM platform comes complete with public performance licensing included and local licenses are not required. Clients are advised to check their contract as to platform provision.